Augmented Reality Comic Book

Attention as a Commodity

An example of the art style

Despite the failure of Google Glass to become the next hot item, augmented reality is quickly becoming a booming market of design, both for technical industry purposes as well as home and public entertainment. Many game companies, both video and tabletop, have begun to research and develop for this hybrid medium. However, their designs are almost immediately flawed because it becomes apparent that they are only just tiptoeing outside of their comfort zones in the creation of the artifacts. The companies that are used to designing purely digital games use the tangible creation as just a tool for image recognition without focusing too much on its design aside from pure utilitarianism, and the companies that are used to designing tabletop games use the augmented reality as minimal enhancement that’s usually optional for gameplay. The aim of my project was to address the flux that’s created in any hybrid media when the user’s attention switches between the digital and the tangible artifacts. I extrapolated from Scott McCloud’s concept of closure between graphic novel panels to create dynamic interest in an Augmented Reality setting with Unity and Vuforia, with the attention shift between panels serving as a parallel to the shift between digital and physical mediums.

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